Sharon Lobel is a landscape, nature and wildlife photographer…


and has recently begun photographing surfers and the ocean.   Don’t let her city girl looks fool you because she had rather pitch a tent and hang out on the side of a mountain than go shopping any day!

In her younger years…she worked as a model, both in print and TV which has given her a great advantage in photography.  Sharon is a self taught photographer and has traveled extensively around the world. She has experienced a wide range of adventures throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and United States.

Sharon first found photography as a child. Growing up on a dairy farm in East Texas with 4 other siblings was not your ideal place to find a photographer. They were always too busy feeding the cows and horses and helping out on the farm. But some how she did find the time to fall in love with photography and was always taking pictures of anything and everything!

Her Mother was able to capture all of their lives thru this little inexpensive film camera and always managed to keep photo albums of all 5 of children as they grew up. These photos are priceless and are something that we all hold dear to our hearts. My Father always told my Mother, “If our house ever caught on fire it would go up in film!”

Sharon says she got the photo bug honestly because it has always been a part of her life, her soul and her carry on luggage. When she finally left the farm for college her life took a different direction thru fashion & merchandising, then Motherhood, then dentistry, then communication sales and all along the way to California.

Now her life is full of experience and per say…She has managed to go from film to digital!!  After a tradgic death in her family  things in her life changed and she got a BIG push in the direction of photography.  Sharon says putting her first digital camera in her hands was a dream come true and there is nothing better than being behind the camera and capturing a piece of time that you will never see or pass thru again.

Today, Sharon is a multiple award winner with PPLAC – Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County, PPC – Professional Photographers of California and PPA – Professional Photographers of America.

She is the 1st VP for PPLAC – Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County and has served as Secretary and Treasurer in the past.  She is a multiple award winner with PPLAC and was named the 2011 Nature & Landscape Photographer of the Year and the 2011 Overall Photographer of the Year. In 2014, she was named the PPLAC Nature Photographer of the Year, Open Photographer of the Year & Sharon also received the Judges Choice Award.

Sharon currently serves as the State Secretary for PPC – Professional Photographers of California.  She has several award winning images with PPC.  Sharon is also a PPC Qualified Photographic Judge.

Sharon is a member of PPA – Professional Photographers of America and was named an International Silver Medalist winner during PPA’s 2013 International Photographic Competition.  She was honored at PPA’s annual convention, “Imaging USA”, January 2014, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sharon is also a photography educational & motivational speaker on “PMS”…“Passion, Motivation & Suitcase for Success”.  She will dig deep into your passion and encourage you to find out what motivates you!  Her “Suitcase for Success” is full of ideas from photographing insects to mountains and sharing her best tools and tricks while in the field traveling locally and abroad.

You can see a list of her awards under the Awards section.



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Member – Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County

1st Vice President 2014, 2015

Treasurer 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Secretary 2009



PPC Secretary2014, 2015

Member – Professional Photographers of California

Recipient of a 2010 West Coast School Scholarship at University of San Diego


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Member – Professional Photographers of America

PPA’s 2013 International Photographic Silver Medalist



“LIFE isn’t about finding yourself….LIFE is about creating yourself!”
George Bernard Shaw